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(Jan 07, 2017)
Hello Everybody I joined the OPRF cuz i found it nice!
(Jan 05, 2017)
Fixed in some aircraft, JMav16 and Pinto will have to fix it in the others.
(Jan 05, 2017)
Notice: The F15 aim120 does no damage to anything right now. Next upload will fix that.
(Jan 04, 2017)
Hey fb!
(Jan 01, 2017)
FYI discord is currently down due to some SSL certification issues, and they're working on it.
(Dec 31, 2016)
Wishing to all a happy new year 2017! ;)
(Dec 25, 2016)
merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!
(Dec 21, 2016)
Keep voting guys!
(Dec 19, 2016)
thanks - will do tonight when I get home from work!
(Dec 19, 2016)
In F14 Issues :)
(Dec 19, 2016)
I checked out the new F-14 this morning with AI targets - which thread do I post issues in?
(Dec 19, 2016)
F-14 with AIM-54 nice
(Dec 16, 2016)
Okay, its ready. Forgive me if there is still bugs in it.
(Dec 15, 2016)
There is a problem with the F-14, please wait to try it.
(Dec 15, 2016)
looking forward to seeing whats new in the F-14!
(Dec 15, 2016)
(Dec 15, 2016)
There is a surprise for you in latest download of fighter planes.
(Dec 14, 2016)
Friendly reminder to vote in the poll. :)
(Dec 10, 2016)
Considering making my own tracker that'd be server agnostic. But, still have a couple of hurdles to think through.
(Dec 09, 2016)
MPservers 4, 14, 16 are not tracked by MPserver15 anymore.