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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(May 23, 2017)
2017.2.1 has been released:
(Apr 10, 2017)
The website is public, you don't need to log in, to read the forum posts or calendar.
(Apr 09, 2017)
Is there a way I could keep myself informed about event dates without having to log into the OPRF website??
(Apr 09, 2017)
Would it be possible to create a damageable (dogfighting-capable) Northrop F-5E?
(Apr 04, 2017)
Please take a look at the FG Festival topic
(Mar 20, 2017)
(Mar 20, 2017)
OPRF server is down
(Mar 10, 2017)
lol, yes
(Mar 10, 2017)
you mean march @Leto
(Mar 10, 2017)
Get well soon!
(Mar 10, 2017)
(Mar 07, 2017)
I have been ill the last couple of days, and we need more time to prepare some aspect of the event, so even though the dates are a tie, it will be 25th of February.
(Mar 02, 2017)
Notice the poll is up, please vote today or tomorrow.
(Feb 24, 2017)
(Feb 23, 2017)
Hi Raider1 :)
(Feb 23, 2017)
Hey Raider1 long time no see.
(Feb 23, 2017)
How is everyone? I hope well.
(Jan 30, 2017)
One more vote for New Zealand!!
(Jan 29, 2017)
Keep voting for the next event location!