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(Jul 16, 2018)
Flight hours and dogfight skills aren't the same thing.
(Jul 16, 2018)
Also I've flown with f-14b 92 hours and 15 min;don't tell me again to understand what's a dogfight!
(Jul 16, 2018)
Seen the event I posted in Augast at the evnt calendar?
(Jul 16, 2018)
This is why we made this a few minutes before
(Jul 16, 2018)
I guess first of all you have to understand what air combat is and how it is done.
(Jul 16, 2018)
Which are the teams?I would like to be at Richard's team.
(Jul 15, 2018)
Hi! No official public plans as of now, but it will involve dogfights ;) .
(Jul 14, 2018)
Errr...just a question;the july event is a dogfight,right?
(Jul 14, 2018)
Hey guys this is MAVERICK
(May 21, 2018)
Same, waiting for 2018.2 to come out shortly
(May 20, 2018)
using 2018.1.1 here
(May 19, 2018)
Hey all, long time. What version FG you all flying on?
(Apr 28, 2018)
yes indeed, jump on our Discord, where we are most active.
(Mar 14, 2018)
We are still active for those who are wondering :)
(Feb 04, 2018)
I am repairing my PC, will soon be back.
(Jan 01, 2018)
Happy new year 2018!
(Dec 25, 2017)
Merry Christmas!
(Dec 18, 2017)
i wanted to say something stupid but i could not think of something stupid to say
(Nov 25, 2017)
Airshow starting at 1900 zulu
(Nov 24, 2017)
Airshow starting in 19 hours from now!!