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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 14, 2016)
Friendly reminder to vote in the poll. :)
(Dec 10, 2016)
Considering making my own tracker that'd be server agnostic. But, still have a couple of hurdles to think through.
(Dec 09, 2016)
MPservers 4, 14, 16 are not tracked by MPserver15 anymore.
(Dec 08, 2016)
I will make a thread where we can discuss this, probably not good idea to do in shoutbox.
(Dec 08, 2016)
Alright, however the problem is that one individual is able to damage my aircraft but I cannot damage theirs. We checked that damage when hit option is enabled could it also be the FlightGear version that matters?
(Dec 06, 2016)
Press 'h' for masterarm. Then 'c' to select your weapon.
(Dec 06, 2016)
Does it work in 2016.3.1? What's other problems could it be that I am not able to dogfight with the Viggen?
(Dec 06, 2016)
The dhaving problems with dogfighting
(Dec 05, 2016)
Flightgear 2016.4.3 has been released:
(Dec 01, 2016)
Airshow trailer:
(Nov 30, 2016)
I guess he removed himself from the network intentionally.
(Nov 30, 2016)
(Nov 30, 2016)
why? how?
(Nov 30, 2016)
(Nov 29, 2016)
Heads up, mpserver12 is no longer a part of the mpserver network.
(Nov 28, 2016)
never mind, solved it.
(Nov 28, 2016)
Anyone happens to have a FG build script / package for openSUSE Linux lying around?
(Nov 27, 2016)
Same here, now it's time to think about December ;) .