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(Aug 09, 2022)
what addon folder does oprf assets go in
(Jul 22, 2022)
Relocation for Ex DF22-1 will happen from LIPA to LIED Sat. late morning UTC
(Mar 08, 2022)
Discord's down?
(May 17, 2021)
*waves back to wave*
(May 14, 2021)
*waves back*
(May 12, 2021)
(Aug 01, 2020)
The pilot's manual for the Mirage is out, dm me on Discord if you want it: Rattlesnake#8498
(Jun 03, 2020)
VPN broke, possibly a error happened there, I can get onto discord as soon as I fix it (I think)
(Jun 03, 2020)
I'm having some discord issues - seems like the Chinese government blocked it
(May 02, 2020)
Please look up the Virtual Tiger Meet info on the "Events" section.
(Apr 15, 2020)
(just lemme know,where will the briefing be posted ??)
(Apr 03, 2020)
Am I the only one with Discord issues this morning?
(Mar 21, 2020)
(Mar 21, 2020)
Sign up for squadrons on the dedicated thread!
(Mar 20, 2020)
Much traffic today
(Mar 18, 2020)
Added a new event
(Mar 16, 2020)
Discord: Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue where a number of Discord servers are completely unavailable. Mar 16, 14:24 PDT
(Mar 16, 2020)
I guess discord is down
(Feb 21, 2020)
Its on the left side of this page
(Feb 19, 2020)
guys whats the dicord link