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(Oct 11, 2018)
KSUU_TW, awesome mate! Welcome to the group!
(Oct 11, 2018)
Hi folks, please ask FB and swamp to read their private messages here. Thanks!
(Oct 11, 2018)
Hey guys, just wanted to say that I'm happy to be part of the group! I should be at KSUU quite frequently now as tower on the regular FG servers. You might see me in other towers too such as KSFO, KXTA, or KJFK.
(Sep 22, 2018)
I don't know;ask pinto
(Sep 16, 2018)
can we get a meme or a shitpost Chanel?
(Aug 25, 2018)
Hey Rudolf,I joined two months ago I thing.It's nice to meet you,mate.
(Aug 25, 2018)
Ive also got a harrier side project
(Aug 25, 2018)
Hey Rudolf. Swamp is working on the Jaguar, thats still pretty early on in development. Im always working on the MiG-21.
(Aug 24, 2018)
I really wanted to get into the aircraft dev side of things. I've got some codeing and blender experiance. Is there any ongoing project I could get involved with?
(Aug 24, 2018)
Hello everyone! I've just recently joined, I'm starting to get comfortable with the your planes. (only offline, but getting there)
(Aug 23, 2018)
Roger that
(Aug 23, 2018)
Head to
(Aug 23, 2018)
Guys,how can I get into the Mach Loop Test?
(Aug 20, 2018)
f16 time trails around PHNL, discord PM me for info
(Aug 11, 2018)
Hunting a drone.
(Aug 01, 2018)
Anybody wanna get into discord?
(Jul 29, 2018)
(Jul 28, 2018)
See event updates for Stomp the Devil
(Jul 19, 2018)
pinto,I got that..
(Jul 18, 2018)
Hey pinto,just a minute!