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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 09, 2019)
Less than 6 hrs to the start
(Jul 18, 2019)
Event starts in 26 hours!
(Apr 20, 2019)
I'll try to post more on the forum so at least it's used for something
(Mar 11, 2019)
I am unable to plan ops till mid-July, just saying
(Mar 11, 2019)
(There are no upcoming raids) this is no good
(Jan 12, 2019)
(Jan 11, 2019)
(Jan 10, 2019)
merry Christmas
(Jan 03, 2019)
Happy belated new years!
(Dec 31, 2018)
Happy New Year guys!
(Dec 25, 2018)
Welcome Spectre. Know that we already have a member using callsign Spectre. Please join us on our Discord and we will talk about it. :)
(Dec 07, 2018)
But that Nigerian prince needs my help!!!
(Dec 06, 2018)
firstly, don't click a link because it's there, segundo, the site is down sometimes, so we wait til it comes good
(Dec 04, 2018)
Guys,problem;I pressed the button which was telling me to re-sent my e-mail,but now I can't login with the e-mail I was logging in before!How's this possible?
(Nov 07, 2018)
Again, it lasted from Nov. 3 to Nov. 4
(Nov 07, 2018)
Hasn't this event finished yet?
(Nov 07, 2018)
(Nov 05, 2018)
Debriefing from OPFOR PoV posted in journals.
(Nov 05, 2018)
Next event?
(Oct 19, 2018)
Next event is now alive.