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by Leto on Nov 05, 2018 at 10:35 PM}
This is an account of the OPFOR side of things from this event.

OPFOR Team: Rudolf (OPFOR33), Pinto (OPFOR77), Leto (OPFOR42)

BLUFOR Team: Legoboy, 5H1N0B1, J-Mav16, Kokos34, Raider1, Richard, MAVERICK, Talons, Tridson, venom.

Let me know if I forgot some. Also know that for a couple of hours late US evenings Pinto and Leto was flying BLUFOR.

As most of you noticed, the OPFOR team was helped by AI aircraft/ships/SAMs/trucks/depots. So It was to a large effect OPRFs first coop event.

Another new technology was fielded during event: A ground based intercept control, currently linked only to those who flew mig21. Basically a ground based AWACS.


The event lasted 2 days at 3/4 Nov. 2018 on OPRF mpserver.

Some notable OPFOR events: (notice that most of the time there was fighters in the air plus what happened in these events)
  • Missile frigate close to ENBO
  • Push from fighters on ENBO
  • Intel gathering ship cloaked as rescue ship at same location as the sunk missile-frigate.
  • SAM systems put up at ENTC
  • Logistics problems, fighters fly with reduced ammo.
  • Another SAM and a depot up at ENTC
  • 3 frigates some 250 NM SW of ENBO, protected by patroling fighters, just outside Norwegian airspace.
  • The opfor carrier that has been the base for the ship patrol fighters, is withdrawing. From now on all opfor fighters will take-off from ENTC.
  • A convoy of trucks full of spetnatz heading from ENTC to ENBO
  • ENTC light protected, no sam, but a couple of depots
  • During the blufor bombing raids the fighters were kept in hangars.
  • Some fighters hit while getting ready on ENTC runway.
  • Yet another SAM active at ENTC
  • BLufor team get GCI support for their mig21 fighters.
  • 2 depots up at ENTC with a SAM. ANother SAM south of ENTC, and fighters in the sky as always.
  • A fleet of 2 missile-frigates and 1 frigate is stationed SW of ENBO some hundreds NM out. Protected with patroling fighters.
  • BLUFOR awacs get shot down by one of our fighters.
  • A ship has arrived near ENTC, and a depot with supplies has been built. ANd fighter being fueled up on runway.
  • Fighter push on ENBO
  • 3 trucks with special forces heading for ENBO.
  • 2 depots up at ENTC with fighters getting fueled on runway.

Approx stats for OPFOR loses: 8 ships sunk, 4 trucks destroyed, 7+ SAMs destroyed, around 50+ fighters splashed, around 10 depots destroyed.

I had lots of fun.

I will leave it to others to tell the BLUFOR story. Here is some images:

OPFOR AI taking off from ENTC

Managing an AI war

AI trying its best

Fleet getting hit

Truck on its way, SAM burning in background

Getting ready to fly BLUFOR with pinto

- Leto


This was my first big event, it was a blast! Didn't get a lot of kills and I flew only at nighttime, so I didn't see a thing, but I enjoyed every second of it. Looking forward to the next event
I really enjoyed this, we should do something similar to this again. 😀
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