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Japan Festival Events Log

by Leto on May 13, 2016 at 03:39 AM}
I only participated in the first day, but I had loads of fun.

We fought for 14 hours, with some hours break in the middle.

Here are the debriefings:

Operation Free Sea debriefing:

It started out good, we were able to fly from Japan, and hit the two primary targets (water-fences), Leto got shot down by enemy fighter, but JMav managed to land at OSAN. We therefore continued the OP from that air base.

When we went to hit the Navy yard, there was unexpected resistance, the enemy fighters appeared at regular intervals to challenge and a missile frigate blocked our way to the target. We suffered a loss of Pinto and his B-1b. After some hours we had managed to sunk the frigate, Spectre fired the finishing shots. Leto managed to take down 1 of the secondary targets after that, but also got shot down. Good job all, mission is success.

Participants: Raider1, Pinto, JMav16, fb237, Spectre, Swamp, Yesrev, SWA, Leto

SAR debriefing:

After the first downing of Leto, Swamp got a heli (SH-60J) and went to rescue him with escorts, the escorts got under fire, while swamp picked up Leto. When Yesrev got shot down, Swamp also managed to rescue him in the same mission. Well done all, success.

Total losses so far into the event:
Estimated losses on enemy side: approx 9-11 fighters.
Estimated loss of our aircraft: approx 4-7 fighters and one B-1B.

Debriefing of OP Dead Mans Zone:

Mission success, 1 enemy downed, and 1 casualty (Leto)

Participants: Pinto, fb237 and Leto

Debriefing of DMZ II:

Although the bomber got shot down on the way back, both targets were hit. Success.

Participants: Pinto, fb237, Raider1 and Leto.

Debriefing of Operation "add something here about stopping a ballistic missile submarine":

Some hours ago, Raider1 briefed us that a new submarine that can fire ballistic missiles (and just did so a couple of days ago), is a threat and must be neutralized.

We were given 3 targets, the submarine, and a bunker in a mountain, and another bunker containing ??? (I forgot, been up too long).

Amazingly, the top mechanic Pinto got some A-10s ready in a short time to help do this mission. And Skyboat was flying ahead and gathered intel for us.

We flew some missions, the 2 bunkers were taken care of, but the submarine remained, enemies were present and got shot down, and shot us down as well. Also a ship posed us big problems until Swamp took care of that.

In the end Onox and Skyboat bombed we we believed were the correct site, but will have to wait for intel tomorrow to tell for sure.

We sure downed some enemies, and they got us shot down also.

Participants: G-Unter, Skyboat, Onox, Pinto, Raider1, Swamp, Yesrev, J-Mav16, Falcon, Leto

Aircraft used: A-10, JA-37, F-15C, F-15D, Mirage 2000-5, and RA-5 Vigilante.


Tons of fun on that first day. Yep, Korea certainly was busy that day, as can be seen here in Pinto's picture:

A thank to all who participated, and an especially big thanks to Raider1 and Pinto for pretty much arranging most of it.

Also thanks to J-mav16 for making some very nice airports.

Also thanks to the North Koreans, for flying against us.



It was a nice event for the most part. I should have taken more screenshots.
I had, do you mind if I post 'em all?
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