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48 hour basecapture log

by Leto on Mar 14, 2016 at 12:47 AM}
Here is the area with ICAO codes that we fought for:

I, fb237 and Richard was put on team 2, with Raider1 as captain.
Raider1 presented us with nice and well thought through strategies, that we sought to follow as best we could.

The first 6 hours, we barely saw any signs of the enemy. So we went ahead and captured 1/3 of the entire map.

It was pitch black most of the time that still does not prevent some low flying in the Viggen:

For the most of the fight we held the majority of bases, however at the very end of the time period team1 made a big effort and captured more than half the bases and won. Gratz to them!

A common sight: That bloody Mirage is getting in my way of capturing a base!:

All in all, except from some interference from SWA, a very nice event!


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