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[Pinned] Darknight Hide and Seek

It's time to play a little game.Starting at 0700z on Aug 11 2018, somewhere in the world, a QF-4E will be spawned. It will be airborne, and it will be flying somewhere.Your job is to find it.The rules are simple.- All standard OPRF rules are in ef...
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War of The Emesary

This is an important event for the future of OPRF. Please attend if you can.FG requirement: 2018.3.5, 2020.1.1, 2020.1.2 or 2020.2.02019.1 is not allowed, and will likely not be supported by this new system. We don't know why, but it does not alwa...
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Operation Black Buck (Falklands, Jan. 24th 2020)

Operation Black BuckWHEN: From 1845z till 2330z Fri. 24th Jan. 2020.WHERE: Falkland Islands, British Overseas Territory.ENVIRONMENT: Real-time and live weather.WHAT:After having a blast of an event in the Middle East back in mid-December, we all h...
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Operation Diamond Scramble: 28h Base Capture (Dec. 13/14)

Operation Diamond Scramble: 28h Base CaptureWHEN: From 1900z Fri. 13th Dec. 2019 till 2300z Sat. 14th. Dec.WHERE: Arabian Peninsula, mainly Saudi Arabia.ENVIRONMENT: Real-time and live weather. If not available because FG version < 2019.1.1 the...
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The Black Ribbon War - 23. Now 2019

Norway has been invaded. They didn't call for help in time as they thought they could handle it themselves. That allowed for OPFOR forces to gain a foothold.Now they called for help. Finland was first to respond. Norwegian forces will fight in the...
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Operation Swift Resolve (Aug. 9, 2019)

Operation Swift ResolveWhere: Western LibyaWhen: August 9th, 2019 from 1745z to 2300zIMPORTANT: Selected Zulu time for the beginning of the ops will be 0345 (0545 local). As the event goes on we will stick to that time and if someone will have to ...
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Operation Allied Force (Jul. 26/29, 2019)

Operation Allied ForceWhere: Airspaces of Serbia and KosovoWhen: Day 1: Jul. 26th, 2019 from 1745z to 2300z Day 2: Jul. 27th, 2019 from 1745z to 2230z Day 3: Jul. 29th, 2019 from 1745z to 2200z Teams: NATO Yugoslavia NATO Base: LIBV (fighters, b...
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Operations Deny Flight/Deliberate Force (Jul. 19/21, 2019)

Operations Deny Flight and Deliberate ForceWhere: Airspaces of Bosnia and SerbiaWhen: Day 1: Jul. 19th, 2019 from 1745z to 2315z Day 2: Jul. 20th, 2019 from 1745z to 2330z Day 3: Jul. 21st, 2019 from 1745z to 2300z Teams: NATO Republika Srpska ...
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Exercise Point Blank 19-1

EXERCISE POINT BLANK 19-1WHERE: RAF Lakenheath (EGUL), UK.WHEN: Tue 16, Wed 17, Thu 18 of April '19 from approx 1800z to 2000z.OPRF private MP server.I'll keep it simple and essential being a training event without the need of a back sotry.Day 1 (...
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Red Flag: Sea of Red

date and time:2019.03.16. and/or 2019.03.20.1800zTask:Take out the ships headed towards the cost from the Pacific ocean. Be aware that the ships are probably armed with missiles.Base of operation:KLSV: all anti-ship aircaftKSUU: tankerRoles:Anti-s...
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North Sea Oil Crisis

MI6 has intelligence about a hostile takeover of an Oil Terminal working in conjunction with the North Sea Oil Company by OPFOR, there will be land, sea and air defenses put up by OPFOR!Blufor will have to be up to scratch to oust OPFOR who have d...
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Operation Atlantic Resolve (Dec. 22nd/23rd)

Operation Atlantic ResolveWhere: Crimea, Ukraine.When: Stage 1: Dec. 22nd, 2018 starting 1900z to 0300z Dec. 23rd. - Stage 2*: Dec. 23rd 0400z to 0800z - Stage 3*: Dec. 23rd 1900z to 0100z Dec. 24th.Format: BLUFOR (NATO + Ukraine, base UKON) vs OP...
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Air Combat manoevres training

Hey everybody,I thought that until the next event we need a bit of training so wecan get better on the Air Combat Part of the whole thing so we'll develop ourselvesand others,helping each other with the knowledge we've got.This training will be on...
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Stomp the Devil

First we need to decide a good weekend and times that will best work for members since we are all over the world.
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July event

Alright its polling time!
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Fall FG Festival: Seize The Base (Nov 4/5)

Alright, the Fall edition of the FlightGear Festival is this weekend taking place in Italy and I stepped in to organize the OPRF event which will run during the 48hrs. Festival info: and https...
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Proposal: Photo Reconnaissance

Not sure where you could do this, but I thought it would be interesting to do a similar event to yesterdays base capture event, except that OPFOR has to take a screenshot from overhead while BLUFOR has to prevent them. Any thoughts?
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Operation Dragunov Sunset

Operation Dragunov SunsetBlock 1: 2000z October 21 2017 - 0100z October 22 2017Block 2: 0300z October 22 2017 - 0800z October 22 2017BackgroundBLUFOR is repressing an insurgency inside of Afghanistan that is running out of supplies. OPFOR is tryin...
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Saturday Night Fights - 14 October 2017

OPERATION TIME:1900z 30 September 2017 to 2359z 30 September 2017RULES:Format DeuceGeneral Rules also apply - no pilots list or any mapping showing other players allowed. AO:East USABLUFOR will be based out of KLWB Greenbriar.INTEL:OPFOR are aggre...
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Next event location poll

Alright, since no one proposed anything, I've picked up and put together some interesting places which can host the next big event which will be... no idea, but at least we make plans beforehand ;) .As you can spot, I haven't really considered pic...
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