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[Pinned] OPRF MP Server

[Pinned] OPRF MP Server

Hey all!We have a permanent MP server, which is always on - at least, it should be. Plane distance is 500nm. It's currently not set up to track hours, and it isn't connected with the main FG multiplayer servers. I may connect it, I'm still debatin...
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[Pinned] General OPRF rules

Every rule other than the age limit, restrictions regarding engaging civilians, and not intentionally crashing other players, may be over-ridden by event planners and/or administrators. In the event of a disagreement between event planners and ad...
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August (or September?) Event Date Poll

Pick yer poison!
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Monday Night Fights - Format Deuce

MNF's will take place on the OPRF server. If you'd like hours tracked, please log your lat/lon/alt and submit the log to pinto for review. (see: for more info - this can be automated)There will be two ...
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Default Logistics Rules

Hey all.Instead of re-hashing the logistics rules for every event, I figured we could just put the rules here and reference it easier. Rules are subject to change of course.LOGISTICS:The basic premise is this: like in real life, you can't take off...
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Monday Night Fights

-----------------------Currently on: Week 9 - West New Guinea Highlands-----------------------We've been talking about doing something weekly for a while now, so here goes.Have a new technique you've been itching to try? Want to try out a new plan...
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Hey peepsJust wondering - how much realism do you all want in events?Anything from full-spectrum logistical where you have to deliver missiles to airbases before you can equip them, to one life only, to full briefings and ROE, MGRS references and ...
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Howto: Get on Richards private event server

Since Falcore asked about this:Paste these 3 lines into your launcher, and remember to change your callsign.Click to enlarge:The lines are:--callsign=Leto--multiplay=out,10,,5000--multiplay=in,10,,5005If you are on Windows 2016.2.1 and...
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