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[Pinned] ORF Private MultiPlayer server.

The private server is currently set to 300nm visibility. I've checked the code and these are my initial thoughts in no particular order; (most of these are fairly easy to code) add a ranges to all (or named) observers. add a different class (e.g....
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[Pinned] [Announcement] OPRF is branching out!

Hey guys,We are officially launching several new OPRF divisions.LogisticsHaul cargo and people between airports, helping support OPRF missions both at home and abroad. Fly everything from short hops to long hauls between bases that have OPRF perso...
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Hunter (simulated OPRF assets over MP)

This post will link to the lastest version of the guide describing the use of Hunter. Hunter is a server application, which can bring dozens of OPRF assets to life over MP (sailing ships, flying helicopters and static buildings etc).https://gitlab...
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Introduction to OPRF squadrons

Dear OPRF pilots,I have been thinking about adding squadrons to the FlightGear Operation Red Flag Military Group. I developed this idea into an solid plan: specific squadron tasks, rules, and organisation. You can read all plans and information i...
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Extra MP generic int property for OPRF compatible: type

I would like to propose an extra MP generic/int property for OPRF, such that radar logic etc. knows what to pick up and display without relying on /sim/aircraft and other inferred logic - especially as the number of aircraft and assets is constant...
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Recreating ''The Eagles''

Hello ,everyone,you all remember ''The Eagles'', right? You know the OPRF demo team consisting of 3 Tomcats ?(For those of you who don't know/remember, here's a video link : ).Well, I've decided to expre...
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Hour Updates

Hello ORF:When this site was first established, we produced a poll that asked whether the members would like to have a rank structure for "official" members of our crew. The result was that 5 of 7 voters stated they would.In light of this, we have...
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Screenshots of things go here as we are almost out of space on the site.
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This space is dedicated to the award of medals and ribbons of OPRF members, starting today. If you have in comment about it, please post it in the "CRITERIA" section.Air Force Outstanding Unit AwardAWARDED TO: Leto, pinto (2x), J Maverick 16 (2x),...
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Introduce yourself

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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How many seats in a fighter do you prefer?

Just curious where people stand. I'm in the one-seater crowd due to immersion. Although a two-seater with another actual person (or a good AI) would be acceptable, but I think I'd still pick the one-seater on a normal day.
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Dates and Times for all things OPRF!

Is it possible to use the time and date on this site as a base for event start times and days? It's already the 11th and I was ready to go look for the bird and the event hasn't started yet because most of you are still in yesterday, the 10th, wou...
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The OPRF Tracker

Hello all,TL;DR at the bottomThere's been some confusion lately about our hour tracker, so I wanted to clear that up.Originally, our tracker relied on - this is no longer the case. We do not use fgtracker anymore. You do not n...
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Inspiration: Best military jet movies

My personal opinion on the top 8 flight scenes from movies featuring military jets.I originally wanted to make this into a top 10 YouTube clip, but am too lazy to cut it, and don't have clips from all movies. So I posted it here, feel free to repl...
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How do you fire the sam on the BUK-M2?
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YouTube and Twitch Streaming.

Post your videos here, or let us know that you plan on streaming.
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Inability to post on Discord

All my attempts to post on discord results in dark grey text that turns red after a while (or sometimes just remains dark grey forever). I assume that this means some kind of inability to communicate with some server.Any idea how to resolve this?T...
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Voice Comms

Hey guys!I know we use mumble for our voice comms, and it works pretty well, but we do struggle with donut heads and drive-by trolling, as well as a lack of being able to admin our channel appropriately.I was recently introduced to another VoIP cl...
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USAF Bases

For reference (so I don't have to keep looking)--Region 1--KSUU - TravisKBAB - Beale (unlandable)KVBG - VandenbergKEDW - EdwardsKNID - China Lake (Navy, but we use it a lot)PAEI - Eielson (Alaska)PANC - Eimendorf (Alaska - uses Anchorage Internati...
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Me and others have discussed about this and finally we decided that OPRF is going to feature an awards and decoration system which will start running from today with medal award that will start immediately, managed by me with help from Pinto, Leto...
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