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Operation Valiant Sphinx: 28h Base Capture

WHEN: From 1900z Fri. 30th Oct. 2019 till 2300z Sat. 31st Oct. 2020
ENVIRONMENT: Real-time and live weather. If not available then weather setting will be defined based on the closest one resembling actual conditions.

An OPRF-classic is coming back once again, so hold on tight and prepare your missiles, because this one will be the fiercest fight you'll ever find yourself in!

Rules are simple*:
- Two Teams with their respective home bases.
- TBD airfields to conquer and maintain possession of.
- 28 hours non-stop to do it.
How to win? The team with the most bases held at the end of the 28-hour period wins!

Team 1: ... | LEADER: TBD
Team 2: ... | LEADER: TBD
Each TL will organize the strategy and coordinate the operations for his team accordingly.



Team 1: TBD
Team 2: TBD
The two above can't be conquered and have a 15NM safe zone for their respective teams, meaning that if a member of the opposite team enters or engages someone within this range, a penalty will therefore occur. To be precise, the whole team will be punished by losing 1 (one) of their conquered bases. If no base was conquered at the time, the next conquered base will not count until recaptured again.

For those of you flying with F-16 or Viggen, these are the coordinates that can be loaded up to show NFZ zones for both own and enemy team (lat, lon format):
- TBD: ... (range 15NM)
- TBD: ... (range 15NM)

Conquerable bases (roughly north to south):


Let's get to the business part: How to capture an airport?
- A pilot has to land on it and post a screenshot of the capture in #event-chat that clearly shows the plane landed and which ICAO has been captured (in-game map can be used for that purpose). Rudolf is working on a Bot for Discord that should call that out but Mk I eyeballs looking at pics are still the best option.
Too easy? Keep in mind that your enemy can do the same for recapturing it as well.

- In addition to landing, an airbase can be also conquered by bombing it fairly well and provide enough evidence that makes it be a legit capture (bombs have to hit runways, not the vicinity of the airfield).

- Team members can spawn/land and do the "4Rs"(repair, refuel, rearm, respawn) directly at any of their captured bases unless they get sized by the opposite team or are deemed neutral by penalty.

- KEEP IN MIND that if a screenshot of the captured airfield WITH the ICAO of said airfield is not posted or posted with delay (more than 5 mins, remember things can evolve fast) the capture won't count, argument or not and will have to be performed again.

- A crash-land is not a land, if you heavily damage your aircraft during the capture (excluding eventual dogfight damage, that adds glory) you WILL have to REDO IT again from the starting point.

- To make things more challenging, a maximum of 3 SAMs per team** can be spawned to defend a captured base, but only one at a time can be used per team. A SAM is declared done once it gets destroyed by the opposite team. Choose wisely. There will be no restrictions as to what weapons may be used to attack said SAMs if a team decides to pursue it.

- In the case two pilots of opposing teams find each other fighting for the same airfield and one is already landed, it will require the opposing one to kill him (guns or A/G weapons) to therefore land and recapture it. If it turns out to be a drag race and the two land at almost at the same time, the one performing the landing last is considered the ultimate capturer (because he took it over from the first one getting there), hence his team being awarded the base.

- Of course, if a pilot who landed there and saw his base being re-captured while he was standing there, he will have to respawn from another of his team's captured bases.

No automats, no fancy assets***, no nothing, just a handful of people fighting for land in the air against another handful of people.
And because of that, each team will require a team leader to step up and organize the strategy and coordinate the operations for his team.
Both TLs will pick members at least 2 days in advance and try and make them as balanced as possible (both skills- and time-wise).
Regarding people stepping up last minute TL will draft them at best to one of the respective teams. IF someone shows up during the event he will NOT be able to participate unless the TLs decide otherwise.
If the TLs deem it possible, he can join the team which, at the time of the decision, has an inferior number of participants. More specific rules format about this in the replies below.
NO SWAPS of members between teams is allowed, for any reason. This applies also to team strategies, intel, etc.

* That's the basic ones, extended rules format is being worked on.
** Depending on asset spawning availability.
*** I have nothing against the Hunter, FY.

This is the plan, make sure you understand it in its entirety and feel free to post either here or on Discord any misunderstandings. Refer to your respective TLs for additional explanations/information.
Make sure you download the required scenery in time and have all OPRF aircraft/assets updated!
Thanks for reading and let's hope it's gonna be great for all! And last but not least, "Who Dares, Wins".
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