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WHEN: From 1900z to 2300z, Sat. 18th Apr. 2020.
Baghdad and surroundings, Iraq (AO).
King Khaled Military City Airport (OEKK), Saudi Arabia (FOB).
ENVIRONMENT: Morning (time) and live weather.

WHAT: Iraq's expanding nuclear program has been in the scope of recent intelligence reports, many of which believe that in addition to the declared civilian aspect for building a capable reactor for electricity generation, power plants are being used for development of strategic nuke warheads that could be mounted on ballistic missiles. A coalition composed of multiple nearby and Atlantic nations have decided it's time to start planning a preventive strike to deny this capability to Iraq.

ROLES: CAP, SEAD/DEAD, Tactical precision bombing, AWACS, AAR.

BACKGROUND: The multinational coalition HQ is being assembled by Saudi Arabia at King Khaled Military City Airport (OEKK) which will be the FOB for the operation.
Intel shows that Iraqis use two nuclear facilities and that both are protected by SAM sites in addition to their air force being coordinated by GCI stations for scramble interceptions.

ROE: Iraqi jets must t/o only after positive ID of incoming hostile aircrafts and cannot cross or engage beyound their border.
Saudi and coalition forces are allowed to shoot on sight.

BLUFOR: Disable air defense and early warning platforms in order to conduct air strikes on Iraqi nuclear plants.
OPFOR: Defend airspace from intrusions.

BRIEFING: Released on Apr. 14th

Saudi Coalition (BLUFOR)
Iraq (OPFOR)
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