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Exercise COPE North 2020

WHEN: From 1815z till 2200z Fri. Apr. 10th, 2020.
WHERE: Guam and Northern Mariana Islands (NMI).
ENVIRONMENT: Dawn time and live weather.

WHAT: Cope North is a multinational military exercise taking place in and around Guam, precisely from Andersen AFB (PGUA).
In this edition, pilots will be required to conduct specific tasks in order to achieve a major common result.

ROLES: Counter A2/AD (SEAD/DEAD, Anti-Ship), Tactical Bombing, JSTARS (optional).
OBJECTIVES: Clear Anti-Access, Area-Denial assets in order to allow tactical bombers to penetrate the airspace and destroy enemy targets.

PGUA scenery:
Kill Box data, Ops Map:

Satellite view of Saipan.

BACKGROUND: Amid rising tensions with the US, a small contingent of DPRK assets has built up in the NMI, very close to the USAF base of Andersen at Guam and threatens to attack and seize the island of Guam if USN's 7th Fleet and American forces are not withdrawn from South Korea within 48h. Decision-makers in D.C. are evaluating the situation and studying the options, in the meantime, a TFA (Task Force Air) of the renowned OPRF elite wing has been sent there and is standing ready in case military action has to be carried out.

Mission planners have given the green light to start preparing for operations. Offensive will happen as follows:
1) A first group of strike fighters with appropriate C-A2/AD loadout will launch from PGUA at designated Zulu time and fly in the direction of NMI with transponder OFF, radar SILENT until signal to turn ACTIVE will be given to start scanning the AO. If JSTARS is present, it will support target acquisition and PID of threats in KILLBOX ALPHA (see attached Mission Map for further details). Target engagement is preplanned and doesn't require further approval.
2) In the meantime, bomber/s will be on stand-by at PGUA and ready for launch as soon as signal given. Lancers will strike targets in KILLBOX BRAVO (data below). After all threats have been cleared for bomber penetration, airstrikes can start. Remaining fighters will perform CAP over KILLBOX BRAVO and perform visual confirmation of target destruction.
3) While bomber/s are carrying out airstrikes, a handful of fighters will be assigned an extra A/G role for disabling the runway at PGWT, within KILBOX ALPHA. This will ensure DPRK jets are denied access at the airfield.

Kill Box BRAVO target coordinates for bombers (Lon, Lat, Elev, Type):
Tango 1: 145.72406 15.12155 65.56 Control Tower
Tango 2: 145.72379 15.12331 62.72 Radar Station
Tango 3: 145.72548 15.12486 63.13 Shelter
Tango 4: 145.72546 15.12391 63.65 Shelter
Tango 5: 145.72694 15.12316 65.54 Shelter
Tango 6: 145.72666 15.12467 63.61 Shelter
Tango 7: 145.72607 15.12635 60.81 Shelter
Tango 8: 145.72881 15.12316 66.30 Bunker
Tango 9: 145.72949 15.12346 66.30 Bunker
Tango 10: 145.73020 15.12377 66.31 Bunker
Tango 11: 145.73098 15.12413 66.51 Bunker

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Do not use OPFOR callsigns
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