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VF-102 "Diamondbacks" is a U.S. Navy squadron, which was established in 1952 and is now operating as VFA-102.During those 68 years since its establishment,many aircraft have operated with the squadron,including the F-4 Phantom II,the F-14 Tomcat and the still in service F/A-18 Hornet.
Now,this squadron is the (almost official) OPRF F-14 Tomcat squadron.I am the squadron leader at the moment,and so I'd like to set some very small and optional rules for this squadron.

  1. All squadron pilots will be provided with their very own livery of the squadron.They can always use it if they want while flying with the squadron or when they want,but the choice is always theirs.THIS IS OPTIONAL
  2. All squadron members can have a special MP callsign to use when flying with the squadron in OPRF ops.Note that the callsign must be "D-[number on your nose,e.g. 101]".THIS IS OPTIONAL

Squadron missions

  2. This is what the Tomcat and the Phoenix were made for.This is a standard mission for the F-14 pilots to conduct.
  4. Again,the F-14 and their long-range capabilities can help them secure air superiority over an airspace,probably allied or aispaces friendly forces are operating in.
  6. Again,this is a standard missions for the F-14s to conduct,as the carrier's safety depends on such missions.
  8. The other name of the Tomcat was Bombcat,and that's because it was also a very capable A/G platform.The Bombcat was at its finest when the F-14D came in,which had the ablility to carry the JDAM bombs.Again,F-14As and Bs had already conducted both unguided and guided A/G missions, the LANTIRN pod guiding the F-14s' guided munitions,which were the GBU-10,GBU-12s,(maybe)GBU-16s and GBU-24s.

Together with the squadron's members,we can also discuss to have some weekly training sessions to improve everybody's F-14 flying skills.Trainings will include dogfighting, interceptions,BVR engagements,air superiority establishment and A/G sorties.

Here will be the list of the OPRF VF-102 "Diamondbacks" crew.This list will be updated every time a member joins and when there's an hours update.

OPRF VF-102 "Diamondbacks" Members List,2020-2021

  • Squadron Leader Major VooDoo3,Diamond 101
  • 1st Lt Wolf,Diamond 102
  • 2nd Lt cactus,Diamond 103
  • 2nd Lt FOX02,Diamond 104
  • Captain BARS1,Diamond 105

Looking forward to new members !

Major VooDoo3
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What didn't you understand of the message "Squadrons won't be activated"?
Sorry to sound a bit harsh.
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Yes you're right.Sorry.Problem fixed.
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