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#14326487 Mar 15, 2020 at 01:15 PM
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I would like to propose an extra MP generic/int property for OPRF, such that radar logic etc. knows what to pick up and display without relying on /sim/aircraft and other inferred logic - especially as the number of aircraft and assets is constantly evolving.

Current OPRF properties I know of are:
int[0]: smoke
int[2]: radar (0 for on, 1 for off)
int[17]: model selection (e.g. within depot).

E.g. the values could be:
* 0: aircraft with engines running (default - also if not submitted) - no difference between heli and plane
* 1: aircraft on ground/water with engines stopped (assuming not "hot" anymore)
* 10: ship (not sure whether need to have small boats separate because radar cannot pick them up [if radar flag set to off - sue to size]
* 20: vehicle engines on (driving - e.g. asset or future Hunter)
* 21: vehicle engines off
* 30: building

The thing right now is that different airplanes have some logic based on model names (which is brittle) or have no logic at all and everything gets displayed on the radar/HUD. It would be nice if passive stuff like buildings, parked cars/airplanes are not discoverable by the radar / some weapons. And that many weapons will not rely on being target selected (e.g. cannon without radar, bombs).

A) Agree on which generic/int will be used
B) Agree on values
C) Update all OPRF assets
D) Update all airplanes/helis (are default 0, but new logic for engines off)
E) Update radar/weapons logic.

It will be quite an effort - but I cannot see how we could continue without doing it.
#14326491 Mar 15, 2020 at 01:33 PM
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I might be wrong, but I believe that some planes like the M-2000 also take some assumptions about elevation over ground - which is inaccurate or at least fragile plus unnecessary overhead to try to deduct what the "ting" is.
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