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Operation Black Buck

WHEN: From 1845z till 2330z Fri. 24th Jan. 2020.
WHERE: Falkland Islands, British Overseas Territory.
ENVIRONMENT: Real-time and live weather.
After having a blast of an event in the Middle East back in mid-December, we all had a well-deserved break during the holiday season. But, while we were enjoying our time, someone in the Southern Hemisphere was not. As some of you you may recall, earlier that month a few pilots from OPRF gathered in the Patagonian region of Argentina for a sightseeing tour around the Andes after an FGUK FlightNight just passed there. But, while the locals were informed by the British presence in advance, OPRF hasn't notified local authorities of the flight plan, hence triggering multiple scrambles during the flight, culminating in a final dogfight in which, of course, OPRF prevailed.
All this upset deeply the Argentinian population and increased hostility towards the Western forces and as some called for revenge in public demonstrations, an actual military plan against them started to take shape.
Because of the difficulties of organizing a large-scale offensive far from the homeland in distant territory, Argentinian generals and commanders opted for launching a retaliatory invasion of the Falkland Islands* in order to attack British and NATO forces stationed on the Islands. After weeks of planning, they decided the best period to attack was in the ending part of January because RAF forces relocate for training in the U.S. while others return home in the UK after spending Christmas deployed, hence leaving less resources for countering an attack.
Hence they have slowly started shipping containers towards West Falkland with ammo, supplies, etc. in order to buildup a FOB to then strike the East Falkland where the British military is stationed. Unfortunately the peace resolution of 1982 between the two countries yes declared the status of British territory of the Falklands but also left Buenos Aires the right to continue commerce with the Islands, authorizing the traffic of cargo ships for supplies. Therefore, if no hostility is detected within such traffic, a pre-emptive strike cannot be ordered.

Intel reports show that suspicious activity has been carried on overnight by alleged Argentinian forces in various places across the Eastern Island, triggering UK forces to
further monitor the situation and increasing security levels at its military strongholds.
International partners have been briefed on the ongoing situation as well, with NATO and U.S. in particular being in a readiness status in case a crisis might unfold.

An invasion of the Eastern Island has been confirmed and therefore UK is sending down troops and aircrafts to counter it. In addition, the U.S. has mobilized its special unit, OPRF, to provide further support and ensure a quick resolution to the ongoing crisis.

OPRF/NATO jets are cleared to engage hostile ground activities/targets reported by airborne C&C (Command and Control) assets in order to clear Argentinian forces and deny them access to further territory. There shouldn't be to counter A/A threats but of course achieving air superiority throughout the operation will be essential.

*Yes, they did something similar back in 1982 and failed miserably.
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