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First you find out what the highest mountain peak in the area is in feet. The automat needs to know this so it dont dive down into a mountain.

secondly you go into
then you right-click on map, and choose "add gps" for each waypoint.
dont add anything except GPS points

then you load up flightgear, go into route-manager, and load each GPX route you have made, and save it again as .fgfp. Save it in the default export folder, thats pretty much the only place you are allowed to save in.

then edit the files and add these 2 lines to each waypoint:

<alt-restrict type="string">at</alt-restrict>
<altitude-ft type="double">36000</altitude-ft>

Where altitude is the level above sea that the waypoint is at. Be sure it clears mountain peaks.

Be ready with the routes in many hours/days before event start, so that the automat operator can fly them all and get them terrasynced.
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