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I will be working on MTRs(both VR and IR). I have a few already and will be putting them into a repo shortly. Feel free to try them out and get some practice with low level flying through some great scenery! Estimated durations are just what they are...estimated(using 360 knots for speed schedule). Other than that, routes are made with the actual coordinates and point names. The individual user can change these things around if they want on their own.

Repo link:MTRs

Directions: Copy individual files, OR pull the entire repo. Unzip/move into a directory of your choice, but make sure you are able to access it from Route Manager. Load the route into Route Manager and be on your way! You can find info and nearby airports/stations/bases for each route by viewing the AP/1B yourself HERE. This may change in the future to where I will include info with each route.

Anyone's help and thoughts are appreciated.
Find me on Discord under the callsign KSUU_TW | WHISKY1 in both the FG and OPRF servers.

EDIT: The routes I have will be in the repo later today August 7th, 2019 or early morning August 8th for Zulu.
Keepin' an Eye Out.
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