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date and time:
2019.03.16. and/or 2019.03.20.

Take out the ships headed towards the cost from the Pacific ocean. Be aware that the ships are probably armed with missiles.

Base of operation:
KLSV: all anti-ship aircaft
KSUU: tanker

Anti-ship: Destroy the vessels
Tanker: give the anti-ship aircraft juice on the way back

Detailed mission data:
Anti ship aircraft:
Take off from KLSV, navigate to the cost using the provided navigation charts. from there, fly out over the see heading 260 until you can pick up the ships. once targets are destroyed continue the route, rendezvousing with the tanker at VIS.
If you choose to do a VFR landing fly towards the last steer-point only until you have visual on LA and fly the VFR approach to RWY 03 by the provided chart
If you plan to fly an ILS approach, fly to the last steer-point and fly according to the provided chart from there.

Tanker: Take off around the time when the anti-ship squadron heads out to the sea, enter a hold over VIS and wait for the anti-ship aircraft. Once their tanks are full, continue along the route and do the ILS approach from SAC according to the provided chart.

Additional information:
Estimated duration: ~3 hours
For some added realism don't exceed airspeed limits.
< 250 KIAS below 10000 MSL
< Mach 1.0 at any altitude unless above sea


Good luck aviators, have fun
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