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MI6 has intelligence about a hostile takeover of an Oil Terminal working in conjunction with the North Sea Oil Company by OPFOR, there will be land, sea and air defenses put up by OPFOR!
Blufor will have to be up to scratch to oust OPFOR who have dugin for the duration.
Blufor will fly out of Norway or Iceland, BLUFOR BASES.
Bodo Base ( ENBO)):- F 16, F 35, Sea King Search&R,escue, C-130-j Super hercules, E-3A Sentry, Andoya (ENAN), Gardermoen (ENGM).
Orland (ENOL) has been scrubbed because the rnwy is under water!
I have included the Planes that fly out of those bases today in real time, though no stipulations as to aircraft is intended.
Iceland is included with flights out of BIKF
Anyone interested can fly choppers out of Kirkwall (EGPA), if you redline the Huey, it takes approx one hour flying time to reach target as does the jets from most bases, ENBO being the farthest.
All pilots will have to look after their fuel to ensure that the return flight, (If OPFOR not KIA) does not end in the drink!
OPFOR is somewhere in the Shetland Islands, not hard to find them with a little detective work !
B-1B Driver,
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