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Date : To be discussed
Context : Libya is building new chemical weapons. These weapons, initially meant to kill its own population have big risk to fall in terrorist hands. The factory/depot is in Brega. it is defended by 2 SAM/buk missiles launcher. The Libya also have some mi 21 one aircraft, bought to Russia by Qaddafi itself.

Mission : A patrol of 2 aircraft, will take off from a allied base, owned by the Greece in Souda (LGSA). Re routing airport is in Malta(LMML). This patrol will be a mix of load, one aircraft having anti radar missiles, and the other GBU (ideally working FLIR to be sure to identify the target). Refuelling will take place above the Gulf of Sirte.

Mission 2 : To cover the patrol of ground attack aircrafts, a Air superority patrol should take off from Italy (LICZ), Re routing airport in Malta (LMML). The Patrol should escort both the tanker, the ground attack patrol and the awacs if there is one, in case of enemy airborne counter attack. They also will refuel in Gulf of Syrte area.

Mission 3 : A tanker will take of from French airforce base in LFMI. it will go to doing its holding pattern above Gulf of Sirte.

Mission 4 (optionnal) : An AWACS should take of from LFMI and will supervis all the operation in this sector. Giving fire clearance for bombing, look up for enemy aircraft on radar, helping aircraft to find the tanker etc.

- 1 or 2 factories/depots AI are needed in Brega area (HLMB).
- 2 SAM/BUK missiles sites are also needed
Mission (optional) : 2 MIG21 have to intercept a patrol of ground attack aircraft, that want to destroy the new chemical complex. There will be 2 waves of MIG21, means the patrols of mig 21 can respawn once, and togeteher when they are shot down. their airforce base will be in Sirte Ghardabiya Airbase (HLGD)

This is, for BLUFOR a complex mission as it should be. it might be not a great resistance or lot of shooting but the whole concept of it is to organize 3 different departure, with 3 differents d├ęparture time, formation fliying, air to air "rendez-vous" with a tanker, doing a proper bombing run, doing a perfect escort job, calculating bingo fuel etc. Hope we can find some people to do the job :)
Hope you can enjoy this scenario
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#13859587 Sep 16, 2018 at 08:42 AM
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Depending on time and date, I'm in for sure.
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#13861836 Sep 19, 2018 at 07:36 AM
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Great mission concept! Depending on the time, I'm in for any BLUFOR role
#13864459 Sep 23, 2018 at 06:29 AM
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Sounds good! I'd like to compete,but I'm not sure,I'll see, but sounds fantastic anyway!I'll try to be therre so that is going to be my first mission with you,guys.One problem;I have to practice refuelling with the F-14B/A or another aircraft!
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