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#13755422 Apr 28, 2018 at 01:14 AM
Brigadier Ge...
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The F-16 got added to our approved combat aircraft this week.

Here is a rundown of some features you can expect:

No anti-cheat messages. Instead it prevents you from cheating or doing mistakes. :)

One of the most advanced aircraft aerodynamics and fly-by-wire in Flightgear. Based on real data and control diagrams.

So far only 3 working armaments, but more is coming. (AIM 9L/7F/120B)

Many variants to choose from. They differ in engine, aerodynamics and liveries.

B-scope radar display on the MFD(s).
The aspect of your selected target will be show in yellow.
Shows DLZ when missile tracking a target.

Radar Warning Reciever (RWR), that works by sorting the threat to you:
Close to center: high threat
Close to edge: threat
Diamond: highest threat
Upper semicircle: new threat (750Hz tone)
Full blinking circle: hostile launch (2000Hz tone)
Enemies can trick the RWR by turning radar and transponder off.
Use Link 16 to define your wingmen, so they don't show up on RWR.
This mock picture of the RWR gives an idea. Don't expect AI to be classed as high threat though when you fly:

Not done yet:
Graphics of missiles flying
Systems wise (electric, fuel, cockpit controls), its still a very simple plane. But fun to fly.

At the moment we are like 4-5 people working on it, so it evolves fast, don't miss out, fly the Falcon today. :)

Download it from here:
Github link

At some point the updates will also be ported over to FGAddon, but its not quite ready for that yet.
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#13758358 Apr 30, 2018 at 12:15 PM
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It's a dream come true at last, nice being part of it.
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#14189423 Aug 12, 2019 at 06:01 AM · Edited 12 months ago
Brigadier Ge...
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Tutorials of F-16 for those that like to fly that aircraft:


"No one dared to make a slip, the stranger there among them had the big iron on his hip."
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