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MNF's will take place on the OPRF server. If you'd like hours tracked, please log your lat/lon/alt and submit the log to pinto for review. (see: for more info - this can be automated)

There will be two teams, BLUFOR and OPFOR.

Everyone is on BLUFOR by default. You do not need to sign up for BLUFOR to participate, you can jump in as BLUFOR anytime.

To participate as OPFOR, you need to sign up for this by PMing an admin. Depending on the number of OPFOR sign ups, you may be denied to try to keep things balanced.

OPFOR will be given a channel in Discord that is limited to them only.

BLUFOR's objective is to land at or bomb the OPFOR base (post a screenshot to prove capture/destruction). Bomb must be a non-propelled gravity bomb. Guidance is okay.

OPFOR's objective is to defend their base.

The AO will be announced beforehand, and all airbases will be within a reasonable distance from one another. Logistics are not in effect.

BLUFOR will need to find OPFOR's airbase. There will be a tower marked as OPFORtw at the airbase.

OPFOR are not allowed to fly within 75nm of BLUFOR's airbase.

OPFOR will have non-respawnable defensive AI assets.
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