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[Pinned] 24/7 Airspace Defense Mission Thread

All:This thread will eventually serve as the home of the ongoing Air Defense Mission that will allow OpRF members to conduct missions whenever they want! You need to post before you start (you can even post well-ahead of time so that people can p...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] ORF Private MultiPlayer server.

The private server is currently set to 300nm visibility. I've checked the code and these are my initial thoughts in no particular order; (most of these are fairly easy to code) add a ranges to all (or named) observers. add a different class (e.g....
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[Pinned] Download and installation of our aircraft

DownloadsThe fightersF15/F14 (Updated 15th of October 2017)git:git clone --single-branch --depth=1 -b OPRF clone --single-branch --depth=1 -b OPRF (branc...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] [Announcement] OPRF is branching out!

Hey guys,We are officially launching several new OPRF divisions.LogisticsHaul cargo and people between airports, helping support OPRF missions both at home and abroad. Fly everything from short hops to long hauls between bases that have OPRF perso...
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[Pinned] OPRF Aircraft Requirements

The primary goal of OPRF is realistic military aviation with an emphasis on combat. The aircraft in the OPRF fleet must meet certain criteria to uphold this goal. If a plane does not meet any of these criteria, it will not be eligible. Planes that...
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[Pinned] OPRF MP Server

[Pinned] OPRF MP Server

Hey all!We have a permanent MP server, which is always on - at least, it should be. Plane distance is 500nm. It's currently not set up to track hours, and it isn't connected with the main FG multiplayer servers. I may connect it, I'm still debatin...
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[Pinned] General OPRF rules

Every rule other than the age limit, restrictions regarding engaging civilians, and not intentionally crashing other players, may be over-ridden by event planners and/or administrators. In the event of a disagreement between event planners and ad...
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General Discussion

Hour Updates

Hello ORF:When this site was first established, we produced a poll that asked whether the members would like to have a rank structure for "official" members of our crew. The result was that 5 of 7 voters stated they would.In light of this, we have...
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The Eagles

OPRF 2nd Anniversary Airshow

Time has really flown by, the 2nd anniversary of OPRF is upon us!
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How to add OPRF assets to a scenario

I would like to extend the Switzerland scenery with the Axalp shooting range ( near LSMM. From having read some threads in this forum I believe to understand that due to MP constraints, development at OP...
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Fall FG Festival: Seize The Base (Nov 4/5)

Alright, the Fall edition of the FlightGear Festival is this weekend taking place in Italy and I stepped in to organize the OPRF event which will run during the 48hrs. Festival info: and https...
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Proposal: Photo Reconnaissance

Not sure where you could do this, but I thought it would be interesting to do a similar event to yesterdays base capture event, except that OPFOR has to take a screenshot from overhead while BLUFOR has to prevent them. Any thoughts?
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General Discussion

Introduce yourself

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Operation Dragunov Sunset

Operation Dragunov SunsetBlock 1: 2000z October 21 2017 - 0100z October 22 2017Block 2: 0300z October 22 2017 - 0800z October 22 2017BackgroundBLUFOR is repressing an insurgency inside of Afghanistan that is running out of supplies. OPFOR is tryin...
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Recent changes to aircraft

The 4 fighter aircraft has changed. This is the changes:Anti-cheat codeThe F14, F15 and JA37 now has anti-cheat code. The Mirage will get it also before the next event.On the Viggen and F14 the cheat code will only run when you have MP chat hit ms...
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Saturday Night Fights - 14 October 2017

OPERATION TIME:1900z 30 September 2017 to 2359z 30 September 2017RULES:Format DeuceGeneral Rules also apply - no pilots list or any mapping showing other players allowed. AO:East USABLUFOR will be based out of KLWB Greenbriar.INTEL:OPFOR are aggre...
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Next event location poll

Alright, since no one proposed anything, I've picked up and put together some interesting places which can host the next big event which will be... no idea, but at least we make plans beforehand ;) .As you can spot, I haven't really considered pic...
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Saturday Night Fights - 30 September 2017

OPERATION TIME:1900z 30 September 2017 to 2359z 30 September 2017RULES:Format DeuceGeneral Rules also apply - no pilots list or any mapping showing other players allowed. AO:ChileBLUFOR will be based out of SCBA Balmaceda (alternate: SCCY Teniente...
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September/October event proposals

Well, I guess the title is self-explanatory ;) Ideas are mainly for locations and dates since AFAIK the core of the event is already WIP (I hope).I've asked to give a hand organizing it, let's see what will turn out. Mav
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General Discussion


Screenshots of things go here as we are almost out of space on the site.
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