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Opredflag dogfight tournament

Deleted 4 months ago
Date: Jul 03, 2020
Time: 05:00 PM
Posted by: cactus
Category: Training
the dogfight tournament will be done at the NTTR area.

you get a point for killing your enemy (also when your enemy crashes).
The fight goes on until one aircraft is crashed the ground, so even when you ran out of fuel you will still have a chance ;).
Only GUNS are to be used, no missiles.
If an FG crash occurs while fighting, the fight will be restarted
all aircraft are allowed for use and MP messaging stays on at all times.
everyone has to use the latest version of every OPRF aircraft.
It will also all be recorded by tacview

when everyone has fought every other oponent, the scores will be released and a winner will get chosen, there is no prise but who cares

Keep checking your six, cactus
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