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Manakeep 728x90

War of The Emesary

Date: May 27, 2020
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Leto
Category: Special Priority Operations
This is an important event for the future of OPRF. Please attend if you can.

FG requirement: 2018.3.5, 2020.1.1, 2020.1.2 or 2020.2.0
2019.1 is not allowed, and will likely not be supported by this new system. We don't know why, but it does not always reliable record hits.

Wait to download this special modified aircraft until late Monday please.
Allowed aircraft: Only F-14 allowed (slight chance we might get another type ready before wednesday, dont count on it). Branch: 2020-emesary-armaments-MP-dev on Richards github.

May 27th 2020, 1800z to 2300z

Two teams:
OPFOR = Nevada
BLUFOR = Arizona

You can ask for getting on a preferred team, but we cannot guarantee it will happen.
If later in evening, teams are very uneven, we might reassign some of you. This will not happen in the first 2 hours.
Teams are announced fairly late, so don't expect to be able to plan a lot beforehand unless you keep it to yourself as you wont know who you will be paired up with.
If you want to be team-leader or second in command, please report it to Leto as soon as possible.

Any landing strip in own state can be used if the strip is long enough. Unless taken out. After landing, you may relocate to any usable airport in your state.

Exemption: Menu-Equipment-Map can be used to see route that defines borders, plus airports (using it to see traffic is not allowed). Route will be provided by Leto.

MK-83 can be used to bomb airstrips. Post in Discord #event_chat proof of airstrip with at least 2 craters for 4 letter ICAO and 1 crater for 3 letter ICAOs. Once 1 airstrip is taken out, all that airports runways is un-usable for rest of event. Aircraft sitting on runway when bombed may not takeoff. Before each takeoff, check Discord if its possible as very last thing before takeoff.

Kill or terrain death of opposing team-member in own state: 4 point
Kill or terrain death of opposing team-member in his state: 7 point
Bombing an airport: 1 point (but you will quickly realize this has another benefit)
Emergency landing in own state: -1 point
Emergency landing in opponent state: -3 point
Crossing into Utah or California: -12 points per entry

Main goal of event: Glory for the winner!
Side goal of event: Stress test of new Emesary weapons systems.

Even if you don't like to fly this aircraft, please consider joining. If we don't get this tested, it don't get rolled out to the fleet.

After flights, before closing FG. Please provide with screenshots of the new F-14 flight-log. As we will need to compare them to each other to make sure Emesary works correct. In fact, please do it each time you land in case FG crashes.

The whole event will be recorded using Tacview to triplecheck hit logs.

Stay tuned for updates and changes.
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You may NOT bomb your own state's airports.
The F-14 will most likely be available for download on Tuesday tomorrow.
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