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Persian Gulf Incident - Part II

Date: Apr 01, 2020
Time: 04:30 PM
Posted by: Wolf, Knight One
Category: Major event
Briefing // Day 2

The attack cost the coalition much more aircraft than intended, since it had decided to send in only a small number of aircraft. Plus, the USA decided to send i a task force with F-14s to help their ally.
Meanwhile, the coalition between Iran and Iraq decided that since there was a task force coming, they might as well sink it to give the USA something to think about.

BLUFOR: The Qataris will defend their airspace, while the Americans have to defend their ship and shoot down eventual enemies (**F-14 restricted**). They will go in the Persian Gulf and stay there to put pressure on the coalition.
OPFOR: Sink the carrier and its task force.

Special rules:
Both OPFOR and BLUFOR can each set up 2 SAMs on their airports. The coalition can take off from any airport within their boundaries. They can take off from the multiplayer carrier and the Qataris can take off from OTBH. The US task force will include 3 shooting missile frigates. No AWACs is allowed but a tanker is, for both sides.
If an enemy team bombs a runway, it is impossible for the others to use it.

BLUFOR: SEAD, Carrier interceptors, possible tanker
OPFOR: anti-ship, SEAD, possible tanker, interceptors

Task Force path:

OPFOR: TEXACO, Tri004, Leto, Venom, mars006
BLUFOR: Wolf, VooDoo3, 12787, SONIC75, cactus
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