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Persian Gulf Incident

Date: Mar 28, 2020
Time: 05:30 PM
Posted by: Wolf, Knight One
Category: Major event
Persian Gulf Incident 

Qatar is under attack! A coalition between Iran and Iraq has decided to invade Qatar and they have sent a COMAO to take out the Qatari air defences to send a maritime task force safely. 
Note : there can be civilian aircraft in the midst. 

Attacking aircraft (OPFOR): F-14 Tomcat (IRIAF), MiG-29 Fulctum (IRIAF) and F-16 (IQAF) 
Defending aircraft (BLUFOR): F-15 Eagle (Qatari AF) and Mirage 2000 (Qatari AF) 

Defending base: Al Udeid Air Base (OTBH) 
Attacking base: Shiraz airport (OISS) 

Day one: The coalition has sent a first wave of F-14 for standoff missile shots first and then a second wave including F-16s and MiG-29 which will engage the defending forces closer. While the second part of the attack is carried out, the F-14s will act as AWACS thanks to their good radars. 
Qatar having prepared for this eventual attack, the scramble is given and the qataris F-15 take off to intercept the first wave. The Mirages will follow with three 2200L external tanks to stay on-station longer. The F-15s will shoot their missiles and go back for refuel, leaving the combat area for the Mirages to defend. They will come back and exchange positions with the Mirages, and so on. 

The attack will take one to two hours.
The next part will depend on the outcome of the first combat.

PS: The two teams can decide otherwise if they think it necessary

Latest updates here: LINK
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J Maverick 16
So basically you're restricting it to Mirage and F-15s for BLUFOR? Also, will there be automats or it's gonna be split in teams of actual people?
The overall plan sounds a bit like a narrative story more than a briefing on what the situation is going to be and how to be dealt with. You're simply describing what you expect is going to happen without considering the technical aspect of it or leaving the planning to who might come up and coordinate, if ever.
Mind I'm not criticizing, I'm pointing out things I think are weak.
I know what I'm doing. Besides, there are also going to be human-stirred OPFORs. And remember that this will take 5 to 7 days, so lots of possibilities I didn't mention yet. Besides, it's a month from now on and I said that I would give the briefing in time. For the time being, look at the forum thread of this event.
Seems this will be the first time restrict planes for people to fly. What kind of shit is this?
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