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Aviano Elephant Walk

Date: May 15, 2018
Time: 06:30 AM
Posted by: J Maverick 16
Category: Training
Aviano AB (LIPA) will host a second Elephant Walk training session today open to OPRF fighter jets, preferably F-16s or F-15s which will take place on Rwy 05 from 1830z onwards.
Main plan:
- find yourself ready at LIPA on time as we will assemble on formation on the runway where screenshots will be taken, followed by a group take off for a formation flight around the area.
- At the end of the flight all jets will return to base and park close to each other for another screenshot session. After that, everyone's free to do whatever he wants!
Be there!
Attending (1)
Maybe (4)

M. Kokos

M. Swamp

M. Leto

M. Killer

Declined (1)

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It will be a toss up if I make this. If I do we may be the only 2.
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